Yog For You

Fee : £15 Time :1 hour.
[ Tailor made program for you],

Make list of your

Sr. No.    Subject
1    5 physical problems. Either present or frequent problems of past.
2    5 Psychological problems.
3    5 Emotional problems.
4    5 social problems.
5    Time you can invest for yog. It is advisable to invest minimum 20 minutes to 45 minutes per day to    get early result.
  We will design tailor made Yog schedules to solve your problems.
1    As per your time schedules.
2    As per your energy level.
3    Considering your physical limitations if any.
4    As per your need.
5    In yog there are many ways to achieve desirable results. We will guide you the shortest way to    solve your problem.
We will guide you about
1    Changes required in your lifestyle.
2    Changes required in your food style.
3    About other exercise suitable to you.
4    About the alternative therapy useful to you.
5    About Herbal [Ayurvedic] medicine useful to you.