Experience as yog teacher

   Experience in u.k

* Presently working as yog teacher in G.T.B. Gurudwara, East Park road, Leicester.
* Presently giving service as honorary healer in Ram temple Leicester.
* Conducted classes on yog and meditation in Shakti temple Leicester. For five months.

* Given many t.v and radio interviews on yog, health related subjects in the U.K and abroad.
* Cured hundreds of patients in the U.K.

  Experience abroad

* Teaching advance yogic science and utility based knowledge to various institutions over a period of 25 years.

  Qualification and teaching in advance yogic science

* Advance meditation and advance technique of breathing.
* Intuition development.
* Kundlini energy awakening

* Removing / burning karmic negativity.
* Ascending to higher bodies, and solving problems of lower bodies.
* Recognizing, understanding and correcting negative patterns of life.

* Astral travel
* Communicating with universal consciousness.
* Seeing, understanding and communicating with energy body.

* Ways to achieve enlightenment.