Yog class teaching list - PRACTICAL

Sr No.
Name of program
  Basic Learning (As per List)
  All muscles All movements exercise.
  Tawaria exercises
  Beauty exercise.
  Exercise for different problems.
  General exercises.
  Remove toxins from body.
  Body cleaning process part –1
  Body cleaning process part –2
  How to remain healthy without spending a penny.
  Yogic postures [asans] for different physical problems.
  Yogic postures [asans] for different emotional and psychological problems.
  Various yogic processes. [Kriya]
  Various yogic Postures [Mudra] for different requirements.
  Various yogic locks for different requirements.
  Weight Reduction.
  Cold management.
  Yog for blood pressure.
  Yog for heart problem.
  Yog for headache.
  Yog for joints problem.
  Self-detection of physical problem.
  Acupressure basic
  Art of breathing in different ways. [Various pranayam]
  Breathing exercise to energise energy centres of body. [Chakra pranayam]
  Experiential visualisation [Anubhuti]
  Divert Energy and cure Body parts.
  Sectional breathing – cold and flue management.
  Super energy shield.
  Supreme energy shield.
  Manage your emotions.
  Meditation [Aan apan sati]
  Meditation - multi point awareness
  Meditation in ten different ways.
  Remove guilt from mental body.
  Mind cleaning process.
  Stress management.
  Depression management.
  Relaxation Techniques, Yogic sleep and other.
  Concentration. [Tratak]
  Intuition development.
  Develop extra sensory perception. [E.S.P.]
  Schedule 60-minute yog class program

Notes:   In addition to the above subjects, most of the subjects mentioned in long workshop, short workshop, long               workshop list and short workshop list, in the web site www.daves.cc are also available for teaching.