Yog class teaching list – THEORITICAL

Sr No.
  Food - zero value, Negative value and positive value.
  How to cook tasty food?
  Understand your body.
  Wholistic health and prosperity.
  Energy formula.
  Save yourselves from energy vampires
  How to get energy without spending a penny?
  Remove negativity from body, mind and home.
  How to control Anger?
  Find, understand and solve negative patterns of your life.
  Remove karmic negativity.
  Increase awareness.
  How to earn money?
  How to manage children?
  How to manage spouse?
  How to manage old aged people?
  How to manage juniors, seniors and co - workers?
  Art of Dealing with people.
  Get rid of bad habits.
  Problems of western countries and their solution from yog.
  World management by self-management.

Notes:   In addition to the above subjects, most of the subjects mentioned in long workshops list and short workshops list in the web site www.sudhirdave.com are also available for teaching.