* Diseases comes because of less energy, hence there is less resistance power.
* When brain has less energy it gets tired.
* Human brain needs enough glucose, oxygen, fresh blood supply and rest, to function well.
* Instead of giving nourishing food and enough rest to brain, people take shortcuts to give instant blood supply to brain, they encourage bad habits.
* Understanding of how much energy we get from different sources?
* How much energy is used in different types of works? It is very essential.
* By Understanding energy we can prevent diseases, bad habits, and many physical, psychological and emotional    problems.

  How we get energy?
* Out of 100 Percent Bio Energy we use Per Day,

Proportion of energy, We receive from different source.

Source of energy
Received %
  * Food and water.
  18 %
  * Air.
  * Fire, Sky [Cosmic Energy], Trees,By always remaining In Joy.

  How we get energy?
If We Consider

Spending Particulars
Spending In Unit’s
Spending in %
  * Energy Used in Working with hand is
  1 Unit.
  3 %
  * Energy Used by Leg is
  2 Units.
  6 %
  * Energy Used for Taking is
  4 Units
  12 %
  * Energy Used for seeing is
  8 Units.
  24 %
  * Energy Used for Thinking is
  16 Units.
  48 %
  * Energy Used for Negative Thinking is Eight time      more then general thinking
  128 Units.
  100 %

  * How to save energy?
* Higher usage of Energy is in Negative thinking, seeing and talking
* By stopping Negative thinking and by minimising thinking, seeing and talking, we can Save Energy.
* Read the article ‘Art of non thinking’, to stop wastage of energy.
* Read the article ‘Food and energy’ to understand better sources of energy.