* Correct way of drinking water and water related understanding.
* Correct way of eating? Correct food, zero value food, Negative value food,
   and positive value foods. Balancing Nutritions
* Selection of satvik, rajsik and tamsik food, as per requirement of your Work.

* What kind of food our body and brain needs?
* How to manage heaviness in stomach after eating?
* Food related Problems and Solutions


* All joints all movements exercise in 5 minutes.
* Part body stretch & Contract, Full body stretch & contract.
* All joints all movements exercise in sitting posture.

* All joints all movements exercise in lying posture.
* Beauty exercise.
* Vibrant breathing exercise - tawaria

* How to do physical exercise? Basic physical exercise


* Sleep related problems & solutions,
* Getting no sleep, break in sleep, not able to get up in time.
* How to get up? Body stretching.

* How to wake up with freshness in morning?
* Get more rest, in less time. Get Instant Freshness - Remove Tiredness.
* Sleep cycles.

* Yogic sleep.
* How to sleep for fewer hours and remain fresh.


* Peace process, Om sounds.
* Relaxed breathing
* Energy gaining Breathing

* Postures process and locks in yoga.
* Basic postures “Mudra” for daily utility.
* Basic acupressure for day-to-day benefit.

* Full Body Cleaning Process [Shankh Prakshalan]
* Yog for various systems and various organs, to solve problems related to it.
* Yogic postures [Mudra] for a particular disease

* Yogic postures [Asanas] for a particular disease
* Yogic solution of your physical, Emotional and Psychological diseases.
* How to balance male and female energy of our body?

* Initial relaxation process.
* Balance of basic elements of the body.

Basic learning

* Count breath per minute
* Correct way of breathing.
* How to breathe from abdomen-stomach and Benefits of it?

* How to breathe from chest and Benefits of it?
* Correct way of standing, seating and sleeping.
* Correct way to change posture, from standing to sitting,
   Sitting to sleeping, sleeping to sitting, and Sitting to standing,

* Correct way to drink water, water related problems
* Correct way of walking.
* Correct way of excretion.

* How to identify shortage or excess of basic elements in body? How to balance basic elements?
* How to focus energy of our body to different organs, to the area of pain?


* To clean internal organs of the body like lungs, intestine, kidney,
   Excretory system and Skin?
* How to protect from cold weather and start heater in our body?
* How to protect from hot weather and start cooler in our body?

* How to decrease weight? How to increase weight?
* How to solve joints problem?
* How to solve headache, constipation, skin problems?

* How to solve cough, pitta-acidity & gas, cholesterol problems?
* Ayurvedic remedies to avoid further diseases in your lifetime.
* Sectional breathing to cure heavy cold, asthma, flue.

* Cleaning process for different parts of body and for full Body. --- Workshop
* Elements-cough-acidity-gas-cholesterol balancing By 49 healing breath
* Six tastes and element balancing.

* How to identify shortage or excess of nutritive elements like fat, protein,
   Carbohydrate, Haemoglobin, Fibres, minerals & vitamins in our body?
* Now to balance basic nutritive elements?
* Ayurvedic formula to prevent all in coming diseases.

* Combination of which basic elements make cough, acidity - (pitta) &
   Gas, cholesterol?
* How to identify excess or shortage of cough, pitta - acidity, gas,
   Cholesterol level in body &balance it?
* How to get rid of cough, acidity – [pitta], and gas problems and related diseases?

* How to control cholesterol?
* Effect of six tastes in body. How to balance it?
* How to remain healthy without spending a penny?

* 100 tips to remain healthy –in English and Hindi language.
* Basic tips for health and correct lifestyle to prevent diseases.
* Heart problems: solve with change in life style, art of breathing, meditation,
   Positive foods, basic exercise, yog etc.

* Wholistic health workshop – Workshops.
* How to decrease weight? How to increase weight?>
* Remedy of constipation, headache, skin disease


* What are the benefits of activating left - brain?>
* What are the Benefits of activating right - brain?
* How to use 19 magical, powerful, buttons of body and how to
   solve physical and emotional problems of body with help of it?

* Power dressing.
* 19, Magical buttons of Body, How to Use, When to Use
* Body - Mind Communication Technique.