Art of breathing [pranayam]

* To create Super energy shield.25 megical breathe?
* How to remember 25 magical breaths procedures?
* To create Supreme energy shield 49 magical breath?

* How to remember 49 magical breath’s procedure?
* How to balance your breath & benefits of it?

* Sectional Breathing.

* How to start cooler in your body and save your body from heat?
* How to start heater in your body and save yourself from cold?
* Art of breathing cures chock up’s and heart problems.


* How to get bio energy? How to increase it?
* How to save energy / how to increase energy?
* How we spend energy / how it should be used?

* Balance of bio energy of the body.
* Cold energy vibration / hot energy vibration
* Energy conversion factor of our five bodies – Annamayi kosh, pranmayi kosh,
   Manomayi kosh, Vigyanmayi kosh and Anandmayi kosh.

* Higher energy giving sources. Highest energy giving source.
* How energy is used? How it should be used?
* How much proportion of energy we get from different sources?

* How much percentage of energy we use for different activities?
* Remove negativity from body, mind, aura, home, family members, work
   Place etc.
* How to remove negative energy (stress) from other human beings?

* How to add positive energy in your body, mind, home, to other human beings,
   Animals, plants and earth?
* How to balance your Male & Female energy?
* How to identify dominance of male or female body in your body?

* How to identify dominance of negative energy / positive energy, in your body
   In others body?
* How to use energy boosting instruments like pyramids, crystals, Rudrax beads and
   Magnets etc
* How to make power chair and power bad.

Energy centres

* What are energy centres in body?
* How to clean, energize, open and balance energy centres in human body?
* Energy Centers (Chakra) Opening by Kriya yog, Tantra yog, and Mantra yog.

* Breathing technique to energise various energy centres.
* How to measure energy levels of your energy centre, Of other human beings, Animals,
   Plants, other living and non - living things?
* How to find problems, diseases, plus qualities, minus qualities, in our body and
   In other person’s body by scanning energy centres?

* How to balance energy centres in your body?


* How to see positive vital energy “Prana” / negative energy “Prana”, energy
   Globules with your naked eyes?
* How to enhance Aura by different ways of breathing?
* Seeing shining etheric aura and coloured astral aura of human, animals, birds and plants,
   And non – living things with naked eye - workshops.

* How to increase Aura, energy body and Resistance power of body?
* Aura understanding.
* Health measurement from aura.

* Seeing crack, leakage of energy from aura, Ways to prevent it.
* Understand different thoughts in other person’s mind from his aura colours,
   Thought balls. – Workshops
* Seeing energy body.

Energy receiving and sending

* Advance techniques to give and receive energy.
* Alternative energy gaining process
* Energy receiving postures and energy giving postures

* Experience your Bio-energy Body - Aura.
* Experience power of mantra.
* Experience transmission of energy via peacock feathers.

* Get energy without spending a penny? Yogic way

* How to divert, transmit, focus, bio energy from different parts of body & brain
   To the area of pain in order to get rid of pain?
* Energy diverting and focusing postures to the different parts of our body.

* Get rid of disease by increasing bio energy of the body.
* How to get energy direct from natural sources like earth, water, fire, air, sky,
   Tree, other human being, animals, etc
* How to get energy direct from other person’s energy centres? To your
   Energy centres?

* How to link our physical body with our different energy bodies and get energy
   From them?
* How to get more energy by choosing colour of the clothes? What is Power dressing?
* How to receive cosmic energy from nature i.e. space (sky)?

* How to distribute received energy equally to your body parts?
* How to distribute given energy equally to other person’s body parts?
* How to give energy direct from your energy centres to other person’s energy centres?

* How to give energy to systems of body and remove diseases from it?
* How to give energy to your body parts, to other human beings, animals, plants,
   Earth, water, fire, air, space and non-living things?
* What are the benefits of giving energy?

* How to drain excess of energy to earth?
* How to transmit energy from body to mind?
* How to transmit energy from mind to body

* How to emit infrared rays hot energy and ultra violet rays cold energy from your body?


* Enhance Extra Sensory Perceptions for all Senses like Vision, Taste,
   Smell, Hearing and Touch
* How to enhance activities of left-brain and enhance feminine qualities like
   Logic, imagination, Softness, arts, etc in your body and mind?
* How to enhance activities of right brain and enhance male qualities like memory,
   Muscular power, strength etc in your body and mind?

* How to get rid of habits with the help of energy?
* How to get well soon from illness?
* Lunar [Moon Related] Problem & Solution

* Energy sources acceptable – non acceptable
* Telepathy
* How to implant your thought in other persons mind via telepathy
* Mind reading of other person.