Why emotions are required to be managed intelligently?

* By suppressing emotions, energy blocks are created: it invites chock up and diseases.

* Positive emotions enhance your energy, aura and resistance power. It attracts all positivism and good things in life

* Negative emotions reduce your energy, aura and resistance power. It invites
   Diseases, negativity and pain in life.

How positive emotions can be installed and negative emotions can be removed?

* It is possible due to knowledge of advance yogic scientific techniques: by taking you in high pranic level, ascending
   your consciousness to your emotional body, Flushing out negative emotions and installing positive emotions.
* Different emotions are placed in different layers of our body. By ascending your consciousness to require body level    emotional management is done.
* Different emotions are placed in different energy centres, by opening, cleaning and energising required energy
   centres emotional management is done.
* Alpha mind programming techniques is also used.

To enhance Positive emotions like

* Love
* Happiness
* Pleasure

* Joy
* Peace in life and mind
* Kindness

* Compassion.
* Pride
* Contentment

* Affection
* Excitement

How to control, balance, remove negative emotions like

* Likes, Craze, craving [Rag]
* Dislike, Hate, Loathe (Dvesh)
* Unbalanced sex [Kam]

* Burning desires [Kam]
* Anger [Krodh]
* Ego [Mad]

* Infatuation [Moh]
*Jealousy [Matsar]
* Aggression

* Disgust
* Distress
* Fear

* Frustration
* Guilt
* Insecurity

* Rudeness
* Sadness
* Shyness

* Violence
* How to manage your Emotions intelligently?
* How to achieve emotional independence?

* How to keep your emotional remote control with you and not allow other person to control your emotions?
* How to achieve basic needs of life, like peace, joy, love and happiness?
* How to win Seven enemies: attachment, loath, sex, anger, ego, infatuation and jealous?