Services offered by Sudhir Dave

Corporate trainig : Stress management, efficiency, communication, relationship and on many different subjects as per list given on the website
Workshops :

Local / at other cities / places, On 90 different subjects as per list
Given on the website.

Addressing : Different groups, on 30 different subjects. As per list given on the net.
Consultancy : On business, prosperity and many subjects as per list on website.
Personal counselling : On physical, psychological, emotional, energy, social, relationship, financial, spiritual, general, sex related problem and other subjects as per lists given on the website. Telephonic counselling available.

* Counselling on marriage, children, divorce and other family    problems.

* Counselling for coming out of bad habits
Teaching complete yog : Controls [yam], rules, yogic postures, art of breathing, food and life style, visualisation, meditation, deep meditation [Samadhi], a yoga package will be made as per your need.
Teaching advance yogic science : On subjects as per lists given on the website.
Joy of living : is 14 hours course covering important features of life on the website.
Personal workshops : On different subjects as per lists given on the website.
Personal tuition : On different subjects as per lists given on the website.
Telephonic teaching : Decide topics, take appointment, pay and learn on phone.
Learning of your choice : Decide topics from total teaching list on net and learn.
Learn without payment : Offer services required by organisation in exchange.
Healing : Delta healing and 30 other type of healing as mentioned in website.
Treatment : * Physical problems: like chronic fatigue, joints problems, pain,    cold, flu, asthma, fever, period problem, high B.P, diabetes,    heart and cancer.

* Emotional problems: Anger, ego, Insecurity, fear, worries,    excessive uncontrolled thinking, imbalanced sex etc.

* Psychological problems: stress, depression, shock, and guilt.

* Sex related problems: increase sex power by yogic ways etc.

* Yogic Massage

* Full body cleaning processes

* mind cleaning process.
Astrology : Face reading, eye reading, body language, swaryog (nasal breathing science), palmistry, intuition, speech and voice analysis, psychology, guidance for solving your problems.
Aura reading : Measuring, aura expanding, resistance power increasing techniques, balancing energy and colour of energy centres, finding leakage, crack in aura, crack repairing. (This is a preventive measure for any diseases).
Sale VCD / DVD: On different subjects in languages like Hindi, Gujarati. Sale is also made on the Internet.
Sale Booklets, Literatures: On different subjects in English, Gujarati, and Hindi.
Goods for sale: Rudrax beads, pyramids, stones, yantra and many Indian articles.

* Most of the above services are also available at students / patients home, office, or at suitable venue

   Note:  Visit website for more details, workshops, and free useful articles on health etc