Salt Bath Process
1. Complete your regular bath as per your routine.
2. Take half a bucket of water, add 8 fistful- 500gm of economical salt and
shake the water till salt dissolves. The water should be as salty as sea water.
3. Pour salty water on your head till your complete body is washed with the water.
4. Make a wish while pouring the water on your body that,“all the negativity from my body and aura may flow away with the salt water.”
5. Simultaneously go on pouring water and keep on making this wish till half
bucket water is completed.
6. Wait for a minute to drain out excess water.
7. Wipe your body with atowel.
8. Do not bath with plain water after salt water bath.
9. Your body should remain salty for whole day till you take fresh water bath on
next day.
10. In the beginning you may feel your body little sticky, afterwards you will be
used to it.

How salt bath works
Salt has a property to decompose negativities. Negativities, toxins and stress are family members. If anyone from this family comes, all comes and if one of this goes, all goes. Salt remains in every pore of the body. It decomposes the toxics settled there and it makes the pores open.

Instructions for salt bath
Salt bath should be taken:
1. Once in a week.
2 Whenever you feel stressed and depressed.
3 Whenever you come from cemetery & condolence meeting or from very crowded place.
4 If you feel more stressed you can take salt bath twice a week otherwise maximum once a week.