Power Dressing

Every planet has different colours of soil. Planet emits light of the colour of their respective soil. We have named weekdays after the names of the planet.

It is observed that, if same colour of cloth or James is used by a person on the day of planet, his physical and mental powers get enhanced.

For example the day of moon is Monday. Colour of light of moon is off-white, so a person should wear off-white colour of cloth and wear pearl of off- white colour on Monday.

Grey colour brings depression; a person who wishes to expand should avoid using grey colour.

Black colour disconnects energy centres of our body from receiving cosmic energy. Hence black colour should be avoided.

Black colour has high absorption capacity. Use of it should be avoided specially in negative atmosphere. However black colour may be used in parties to absorb positivism around.

  Chart of weekdays, planet colours, recommended dress colours and works

Sr.No Day Name of Planet Colour of Planet & Light Colour of cloth Recommended works
  Sun [Surya]
  Orange -   red
  White, Silky, Orange, yellow,
  Good to start spiritual things   [sadhana]
  Moon   [Chandra]
  Off white
  Pearl white, Yellowish White
  Good to organize your work.
  Mars,   [Mangal]
  Brick red
  Brick/Copper Red
  Go out aggressively to achieve.
  Mercury   [Budh]
  Greenish Cream or White
  Good for intellectual work.
  Jupiter,   [Guru]
  Yellow to increase   confidence. . Blue to keep   cool.
  Good for expansion of any   activity. Evening for worship of   guru
  Venus,   [Shukra]
  Shiny-Silky white, Yellowish   off-white
  Good for romance, beauty   related. [Shringar]
  Saturn   [Shani]
  Violet, indigo, pirogue
  Good for insights & spiritual   learning.

* Thanks to Shree Prem Nirmal for inspiration.