Other information on healing

Professionally trained and practically experienced healer with knowledge of many therapies over a period of 20 years having a motto to benefit human beings.

Qualification in u.k
* UK NARIC certified my degree comparable to British Bachelor (ordinary) degree standard.

Qualification abroad
* B, Sc, Bachelor of Science from University of Bombay.
* D.B.M., Diploma in Business Management 1 Year, - Mumbai.

Experience in u.k
* Presently giving service as honorary healer in Ram temple – Leicester.
* Conducted classes on healing and yog in Shakti temple - Leicester for five months.
* Given many t.v, radio interviews on health related subjects in u.k and abroad.
* Delivered many workshops, seminars, and speeches on health related subjects In u.k and abroad.
* Published many DVD's, booklets etc on health related subjects in u.k.
* Cured hundreds of patient in u.k.

Healing experience: 10 year healing experience in u.k and abroad.

Specialisation:  in treating physical, energy, psychological and emotion related problems.

Master techniques for improvement in:  joints, weight reduction, period, Digestion,Cough, acidity, gas, constipation, throat, thyroid, cold, asthma, glands, tiredness, Headache, migraine etc

Psychological and emotional problems
Specialist for managing:  depression, stress, anxiety, insecurity, Unbalanced sex, anger, ego, infatuation, jealous, craving, hate etc.

* Teacher in advance yogic science from last 20 years.
* Owner of charity institution called “Sarvodaya”, doing charity work for human beings, Animals, birds and plants.
* Non-business income used for charity.
* Doing research on subject how human’s physical, psychological and Emotional behaviour is linked with law of nature.
* Health related articles published in papers and magazines.

Additional information
* Patients are cured in natural way by bringing change in their life styles, yog and breathing Technique, ayurved, their own bio    power, power from healer and nature, by Cleaning, energising and balancing their energy centres etc,
* Curing will be done at all levels i.e. physical, psychological, emotional, social and Spiritual level.
* Right therapy will be given to the right person. If needed combination of therapy will be given.
* Patient will be explained the cause of problem, why treatment given is needed by him?her, how treatment will work and what    should he do to prevent same problem in Future.
* No negative side effect.
* Only science based things are propagated.
* Questions will be answered to their satisfaction.
* Consultation languages: English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi etc.