Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure - general
* Happens due to less blood
* Due to less supply of blood
* Due to thin blood

* Due to tension, anxiety

To prevent low blood pressure - Do's
* Use more salt
* Use more glucose and sugar
* Use electoral powder

* Use spicy food.
* Do yoga, concentrate on breathing and meditation
* Eat high nutrition food

* Have sweet dishes or sweet food
* Do deep breathing: 50 breathing at morning, afternoon, evening or at every hour if needed.
* Use rock salt i.e., [Sindhaluna] which has magnesium salt [mgcl2] in more proportion, and common salt [Nacl] has less proportion of it.

* Take for instant support: tea, coffee, cold drink, Glucose, chocolate, and peppermint
* When you consume raw fruit take little salt and black paper with it.
* Eat little more spicy food

* Take enough rest.

To prevent low blood pressure - Don’t's
* Do not remain tense.
* Avoid over exertion.
* Avoid depression.

* Avoid Orange juice, Tomato juice, Banana and potato because this food is High in potassium, which lowers the blood    pressure
* Avoid raw fruits and fruit pieces. [Do not take them with salt, black pepper and other spices]