It happens due to unnatural food habits, unnatural life style and negative attitudes.

What is blood pressure?
Blood pressure is pressure created by the circulating blood, on blood vessels wall.

Reasons of High Blood Pressure
* Inherited
* More use of salt
* Obesity

* Old age
* Lack of Exercise
* Bad habits like Smoking and drinking

* Mental tension and anxiety, fear, negativity
* Ambition, less passion, aggression, anger, doing many works at a time, doing every work in a jiffy, suppressing    emotions, emotional imbalance, competitiveness, jealousy, non-creative, complex personality, non-loving person.

To prevent high blood pressure - Do's
* Take nutritive food and food in natural form.
* Consume potassium – it makes B.P low [Available in Banana, Orange, Potato, Sweet potato]
* Consume red tomato and yellow crop

* Consume more green and leafy vegetables, fruits especially with vitamin C
* Consume sprouted beans like mung, math, grams and Fenugreek.
* Consume 150-gram salad before food.

* Do light exercise daily or walk 2 K.M. or more per day, stay active.
* Do simple Yogic postures, Breathing exercises, Savasana, yogic sleep – relaxing of body and mind twice a day, be    relaxed, do mediation for 20 minutes twice a day.
* Take ishabgol, [trifla] to keep your intestine clean.

* Consume milk with minimum fat for calcium 250 ml.
* Do joint exercise daily.
* Keep mind in peace

* Keep Blood Pressure measuring machine and measure frequently or when you feel the need of it.
* Consume 5 to 7 fruits and vegetables serving per day.
* Take food with less fats and sugar.
* Achieve and maintain your standard weight
* Take meals at about same time everyday, avoid skipping meals and
   managing with snacks
* Eat high fibre and starchy food and food with carbohydrates.

* Be with nature


* Avoid salty food like pickles, crisps and papad. Minimise use of common salt upto 2 to 5 grams per day,
* Minimise the consumption of oil, ghee, butter up to 10 to 20 grams per day, and use unsaturated oils like sunflower,    mustard and cottonseed oil.
* If possible eat boiled food.

* Do not eat non-vegetarian food.
* Stop or minimise intake of tea, coffee, coco, cold drinks and fizzy drinks.
* Avoid fried food and sweets

* Reduce Salt, Sugar and fat intake
* Stop smoking as nicotine and carbon dioxide causes the heart to beat faster and it also narrows the arteries.
* Avoid involvement in problems

* Avoid anger and tension