• Peace process, oamkar, relax breathing
  • Count breath per minute
  • How to breathe ? Take breath with stomach, take breath with chest
  • 25 healing breath, how to remember the procedure ?
  • Correct way to stand, sit and sleep
  • Correct way to change postures
  • How to get up with freshness in the morning ? Sleep related problems
  • How to get more rest in less time ? How to get rid off tiredness instantly
  • Correct way to drink water, water related problems
  • Correct way of excretory
  • How to do physical exercise? Basic physical exercise
  • Body’s internal cleanliness, lungs, skin, excretory system
  • Correct way to eat, what is zero value, negative, & positive food ?
  • How to recognise shortage or excess of nutritive elements in the body ?
  • How to identify shortage or excess of basic elements in body ? How to balance basic elements ?
  • How to use 19 magical buttons of the body ?
  • How to increase weight ? How to reduce weight ?
  • Remedy of constipation, headache, skin disease
  • How to get rid of cough, acidity – [pitta], and gas problems ?
  • Ayurvedic solutions to avoid diseases further in your entire lifetime.
  • Basic posture for day-to-day benefit
  • Basic acupressure for day-to-day benefit


  • How to get freedom from stress?
  • Way to increase positivity, how to recognise positive & negative person?
  • How to identify positive person and negative person ?
  • Correct way of thinking, remove unnecessary thoughts
  • Let go
  • Close the unnecessary windows
  • How to look after your self?
  • How to accept present condition?
  • Reason of negativity and depression and ways to remove it
  • Problems of lunar effect on human mind on full moon day and new moon day & their solutions.


  • By Suppressing emotions energy blocks are created, it invites diseases.
  • How to achieve basic needs of life, like peace, joy, love and happiness ?
  • Win Seven enemies: attachment, loath, sex, anger, ego, infatuation and jealousy
  • How to achieve independence ?
  • How to come out of inferiority & superiority complex ?


  • How to deal with younger person, colleague and elder person ?
  • Art of dealing with people
  • Reasons of negativity in marital relations
  • Laws of matrimonial harmony


  • Experience of bio energy
  • How to get bio energy ? How to increase it ?
  • How bio energy is used ? How it should be used ?
  • How to increase aura and resistance power of the body ?
  • Get rid of diseases by gathering bio energy of the body
  • Balance of bio energy of the body
  • How to get well soon from illness ?
  • How to get more energy by choosing colour of the clothes ? What is Power dressing ?


  • Why do we need spiritual education ?
  • Breathing technique, meditation introduction
  • How chock up gets removed by breathing technique ?
  • How mediation benefits ?
  • Power of mantra
  • What is alpha state ? How to achieve it ?
  • How to balance meridian [energy] lines on body ?


  • Attitudes, negative attitudes, positive attitudes
  • Success
  • 100 tips to remain healthy – Hindi
  • Time management


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