General Learning

Workshop - Advance


* How to balance male and female energy of our body?
* How heart patient gets benefit by Breathing technique?

* Initial relaxation process.
* Balance of basic elements of the body.
* How to use body’s 19 magical buttons?
* Information about energy centre’s.
* How to balance Meridian lines?
* Correct way of excretion.
* Yogic sleep – speech


* Mind
* Intellect
* Memory [Chitt]
* Ego
* Karma
* How to remove karmic negativity without suffering from it?
* Lunar effect on human mind, Problems and solution of full
moon day and new moon day.


* Technology to remove deep routed stress, old depression


* Benefit from meditation.
* Benefit of getting salvation.
* Advance breathing technique.
* Benefits of body, mind communication.
* Super energy shield.25 healing breath.
* How to remember 25 healing breath's procedures?
* Supreme energy shield. 49 healing breath
* How to remember 49 healing breath’s procedure?
* Knowledge of enlightenment.
* Connecting physical body with higher bodies.
* Connection with super consciousness.
* Advance techniques of meditation.
* Breathing technique to energise various energy centres.

* How to travel from body to soul?


* Advance techniques to give and receive energy.


* Awareness increasing methods.


* Sex related learning on students request.