Experience of Business

Experience in U.K
* Gave many T V and Radio interviews in U K & Abroad.
* Delivered workshops, seminars & published DVD's, VCD's on the subjects connected with business like
      * Management.
      * Prosperity.
      * Art of dealing with people.
      * Stress management etc.

* Gave speeches connected with management subject in many institutions.
* Presently conducting yog classes at G.T.B. Gurudwara, East park road - Leicester
* Presently giving service as honorary healer in Ram temple – Leicester.
* Conducted classes on healing and yog in Shakti temple - Leicester for five months.

Experience abroad
* Experience of managing own various business of cement distribution, Food  product Manufacturing,
   Marketing, Advertising, Estate agents, Finance, stock market etc.

* Successfully handled all departments of organisation like Administration, Finance, Sales,
   Purchase, Account, staff matters etc for 30 year.

* Handled agency of 15 leading & reputed cement manufactures in India, for 27 years.
* Specialised in marketing, handling sales of company and training sales person.
* Experience of managing 15 own staff members at a time, for 30 year.
* Trained above 200 staff members and worked with them.
* Gave consultancy in various fields like Marketing, Distribution, Computer, Stores, Food product
   manufacturing etc.

* Remained consultant for director; vice president and general manager of India based giant and
   multinational companies.

* Worked as secretary in few big institutions, as committee member in many Institution and
   gained vast experience of mass management in different fields.

* Did successful business for 30 years in India where competition is in fraction of penny.