Energy Workshop –


* Experiencing Bio-energy (Pranic energy)
* Your body energy
* Energy sources acceptable – non acceptable

* How much energy we get from different sources?
* How much energy we use in different work?
* How we spend energy / how it should be used?

* How to save energy / how to increase energy?
* Cold energy vibration / hot energy vibration
* How to gather energy?

* How to increase Aura, Energy body and Resistance power of body?
* How to divert, transmit, focus, bio energy from different parts of body & brain to the area of pain in order to get rid of    pain? Energy diverting and focusing postures to the different parts of our body?
* Energy receiving postures and energy giving postures.

* How to receive cosmic energy from nature i.e. space (sky), air, fire, water, earth, tree, other human being, animals,    etc?
* How to give your Bio-energy from your body parts to other person?
* How to give energy to yourself, to other human beings, animals, plants, earth, water, fire, air, space, etc?

* How to add positive energy in your body, mind, home, to other human beings, animals, plants and earth?
* How to balance your Male & Female energy?
* What are energy centres in body?

* How to get energy by power dressing?
* How to get rid of habits with the help of energy?
* How to generate heat in your body and save yourself from cold?

* How to enhance activities of left-brain and enhance feminine qualities like logic, imagination, Softness, arts, etc in your body and mind?

   What is right nose breathing?
* How to start cooler in your body and save your body from heat?
* How to enhance activities of right brain and enhance male qualities like memory, muscular power, strength etc in your body and mind?

   What is left nose breathing?
* Higher energy Giving sources. Highest energy Giving source.
* How to transmit energy from body to mind? How to perform khechri and shambhavi postures?
* How to transmit energy from mind to body? How to perform Chin, Chinmai, and reverse shambhavi postures?
* How to give our excess energy to our body parts having pain, to other human beings, animals, plants, and non-living    things?
* How to drain excess of energy to earth?
* How to energize different energy centers of body by art of Breathing?
* Experience power of mantra.