* Happens due to unnatural food habits, Unnatural life style. And negative attitudes
* Happens due to lack of insulation or inability of body cells to use insulation


* 60% due to stress, 30% due to improper food and 10% due to inheritance
* Obesity
* Inactive life style, lack of exercise

* Excess food
* Old age


* More urination, sugar flows with urine
* Feel thirsty always
* Red tongue, tasteless tongue

* More hunger
* Tiredness, weakness, body pain
* Pain in hand, leg and all muscle tingling

* Skin dry, black, hot and less sensitive
* Wound takes more time to heal, puss formation in wound
* Constipation

* Itching in body parts
* Eyesight is weakened leading to frequent change in number of eyeglasses.
* Mental tiredness, lack of concentration.


* Do exercise of joints
* Daily walk for 2 to 3 miles.
* Take green vegetables, leafy vegetables, salad 300 grams, and fresh fruits 200 grms, sprout 70 grams or maximum    you can.

* Eat food in raw natural condition.
* Eat Aamla and jambu more.
* Eat food containing zinc, magnesium and chromium, eat roots.

* Drink 3 to 4-litres of water daily.
* Have milk without the cream about 250 to 300 ml daily
* Eat Karela, methi, neem leaves or drink its juice.

* Take one nut Apricot and 3 to 4 almonds soaked in water overnight to increase good cholesterol (H.D.L)
* To remove constipation take ishabgol or triphla daily at night.
* Do simple yogic postures, do breathing exercises, do Savasan, do yogic sleep, relax your body and mind, do    meditation for 20 minutes twice a day.

* Keep mind in peace.


* Do not allow weight to increase above standard level.
* Avoid improper and excess intake of food.
* Don’t take refined flour, refined sugar, fried food, sweets and processed food.

* Avoid stress, anxiety, shock, fear, impulse and negativity.
* Don’t eat polished rice, eat rice in less quantity.
* Don’t take excess protein.

* Don’t take non-vegetarian food.
* Don’t take food with more fat; don’t consume fat over 30 grams per day.
* Avoid sweet fruit like mango, banana, chickoo, Custer dapple, litchi etc.

* Don’t consume cold drinks, fizzy drinks, bakery products, dairy products, ice cream and chocolates.