Corporate training.

After decades of study with Enlightened Masters, Himalayan Yogis and Healers, Sudhir Dave has dedicated his life to help others with his ancient wisdom, modern science and spiritual Understanding. A trainer, life coach, spiritual teacher and Master healer Dave Teaches more than 100 subjects.

Sudhir Dave has invested 30 years of his life in getting and giving practical knowledge of Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Energy, Spiritual, Social, And Financial lessons related to the human beings.

In the U.K. Sudhir Dave has given training to the members of various Lions club in Leicester, ICICI bank employees, Regent college – Leicester, old age centres, community centres, spiritual places and other organisations.

In India Sudhir Dave gave training to many CEO's, Managing Directors, Chairperson, General Managers and staff members of corporate sectors.

In India Sudhir Dave has trained member of few Lions clubs, Rotary clubs and other social service clubs. He has also trained committee members of various associations, institutions, community etc.

Sudhir Dave offers staff training by giving various courses, workshops and speeches. Training will be result oriented, experiential, practical, explainable on science; logic and mathematical bases, will be combination of advance yogic science, modern science and human psychology.

Training course has a purpose to fulfil Corporate sector’s expectations from the staff such as to increase efficiency, concentration, energy levels, attachment with the organisation, cordial relation with colleague and seniors, creating will to give their 100% and other expectations.

Above goals will be achieved by training the staff to be O.K. Physically, Emotionally, Psychologically, Energetically, Spiritually [moralist], Socially and Financially.

All the organisations in which Sudhir Dave has trained have achieved their goals.

You are invited to take the opportunity in benefit of your organisation.

Enclosed: literatures and website link for more information.

- Sudhir Dave

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