Aura viewing workshop – basic – Student copy

Sr. No.   Particular   Minutes
1.   Part – A – aura viewing in home  
2.   Measure your breaths  
3.   Types of breathing and correct way of breathing  
4.   om sound / Ham sound – 7  
5.   Relaxing breath – 7  
6.   Vibrancy breathing – 3: 2  
7.   Relaxing exercise.  
8.   About aura: what, when, why, where, which, who,   how?  
9.   Requirements of aura viewing for the beginners.  
10.   Expectation from this workshop.  
11.   Aura viewing at advance stage  
12.   Benefits of aura viewing: physical, energy wise,   emotional, mental, spiritual, social and other  
13.   Aura viewing: entering into the new dimensions  
14.   How to enhance aura by different ways of breathing?  
15.   Principles of aura viewing.  
16.   Create super energy shield.  
17.   Create supreme energy shield  
18.   Meditation  
19.   See aura of your fingers  
20.   Various breathing exercise  
21.   See positive prana, prana globules and negative   prana.  
22.   See aura of living things  
23.   See aura of red flower yellow flower, grass and  leaf  
24.   See aura of coconut.  
25.   See etheric aura of other person.  
26.   See astral [coloured] aura of other person.  
27.   See your aura  
28.   See aura bridge between two people.  
29.   See aura of non-living things  
30.   See aura of candle/deep/diya.  
31.   See aura of various crystals  
32.   See aura of pyramids, colour pyramids and various   shapes.  
33.   See aura of coloured cloths.  
34.   See aura of peacock feather.  
35.   Part – 2 – Aura viewing out side - at garden –   home work  
36.   See etheric, and astral aura of a trees  
37.   See aura of birds.  
38.   See aura of mountain.  
39.   See aura breeze in trees  
40.   See aura of church / temple  
41.   Correct use of power of aura viewing in daily life  
42.   Few examples related to aura viewing.