Acidity: Do's and don’t's

About Acidity: [Pitt] - It creates different types of fever, eye, ear, throat, mouth and dental problems, and diabetes etc

How Acidity happens?
* Acidity happens when more acid is secreted in body
* During stress also acid secretion is more.

To prevent acidity: Do's
* If you are aware of the reason behind the problem, remove it.
* Drink water if possible up to 1260ml in morning with empty stomach
* Daily consume 3.5 to 4-litres of water or liquid

* Take herbal medicine called ‘apitika churna’
* Take mixture of powdered sugar pieces and fennel seeds with coriander and water in the morning.
* Do yogic process of body cleaning name “jaldhoti” once a month (to clean the stomach by vomiting)

* Do everything needed to prevent “pitta” and refer literature to prevent “pitta.”
* Take food at a fixed time and do not change your timing for having meals.
* Intake cold milk, ice cream, cream, ghee, butter etc.

* Drink water and cold sweet liquid.
* Use sweet and cold food: Use ice cream, cold milk, products made from milk, sweetened – Rose Petal’s    syrup, milk, cow milk, clarified pulp butter-[ghee], sugar pieces, use Rice puddings, sweetened milk concentrated    –[Basundi], Marmalade of Aamla, green pumpkin.
* Use courgettes, Tory, green chick beans, Thick roasted Chapatti, wheat porridge parval, etc.

* Food:  Use greasy, easily digestible food, sugarcane Juice, Dudhi, Banana pudding, grapes, custard apple, dates, etc.
* If you feel hot and burning sensation, have a cold drink made from crushed black grapes, sugar pieces, coriander, and    fennel seeds.
* Life style:  Keep peace of mind, do prayer, meditation and activities you enjoy. Live stress free life. Take food at    fixed time, take bitter juice in morning, rice pudding in lunch, to stay and sleep in moon light, bath with cold water,    swim in swimming pool, river or lake, maintain celibacy, sandal wood poultice etc.

* Herbal medicine:
* Kudu, Kariyatu, Garlic, Ardushi, patol patra, Bitter gourd, pitta papdi, bitter curry leaves, Shatavari, Bhang, turmeric,    Grapes, Aavala, pome granite, Bitter parval.
* If pitta causes vomit take 5ml. powder of Kapoor- kachli.
* To control acidity-pitta immediately take soda-bi-carbonate 2 to 3 grams with water.
* Intentional vomiting and loose motion also gives relief in Acidity-pitta.

Acidity: Do's and Don’t's

To prevent acidity: Don’t's
* Do not remain hungry
* Do not eat before last food is completely digested
* Do not eat sour food or fruit

* Do not eat spicy and hot food
* Do not eat fried/oily food
* Do not use more salt

* Do not consume or eat less clove, pepper ginger, chilly, garlic onion
* Do not remain in stress
* Follow all the instruction for prevention of "pitta"

* Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol
* Avoid food with additives, preservatives, colors and essence.
* Avoid old food, packed food, junked food.

* Do not consume sour and fermented food, bread, and buns etc.
* Keep away from strong sunlight, anger, sex and fire.
* Do not eat chillies, spicy food or food at high temperature.

* Avoid Sour Food like, Shreekhand, yoghurt, Sour Butter milk, raw mango, Tomato, onion, garlic, okra, orange sweet    lime, Guava, Sour Fruits, raw Mango, Powder, Kokum flower, Lemon, citric acid, Ginger, dry Ginger Powder,    Asodophodia, Cinnamon, Tomato Souse or Soup, Sour Cold drinks, Pear, fermented food which creates some alcohol.
* Do not consume any fried product.
* Chilli juice, more Spicy foods, black pepper, green chilli, garlic chilli sauce, garlic sauce, chilli pickles, custard pickles,    raw oil, etc

* Do not use salts in large quantities.
* Do not add extra salt on fruits & salads
* Before the old eaten food is digested, do not consume new food

* Avoid inappropriate food combinations like milk with fish, or cod lever oil, milk and onion, milk with radish, or    tomato, milk with any fruit, these are inappropriate combination of food. Keep gap of more than 30 minutes between    two such food.
* Do not use Black lentils, [Kadathi]
* Do not eat non-vegetarian food.

* Do not Consume Tobacco, Alcohol & cigarettes.
* Do not remain hungry after you feel hungry.
* Avoid above Foods in summer, shared season specially.

* Avoid Anger, Worry, Fear, Atrocity and Tension when you are eating food.
* Do not go out while the sun is shining brightly and strongly without covering your head or legs; do not remain near a furnace or a boiler for more than 7 to 8 mins.