Sudhir Dave is a successful management consultant with over thirty years of experience in this field. He is professionally trained and practically well experienced in various fields. He is very goal oriented, honest, reliable, having original ideas and open mind and wishes to share his experiential knowledge with others. He has got a UK; NRAIC certified degree and also he have completed courses in Business Planning, Sales, Marketing, and Financial Planning, Money and Risk Management, Business Management and Life in the U.K. He has also obtained his Bachelors of Science degree from University of Mumbai and also have valid degrees and diplomas in Business Management, Export & Import Management, Book - keeping Accountancy, Marketing training program, Effective selling techniques, Technical Aspects of cement, Product technical presentation & construction practices, Transport cost optimisation, Road transport cost optimization. He is known for his sharp eye to understand the human psychology and art of dealing with people. He has wide experience of conducting sessions of voice analysis, Speech analysis, Face reading, Body language, Psychological controlling, Aura reading & Majoring and many other yogic skills that are useful in business. He had delivered workshops and seminars on various subjects connected to business like Management, Prosperity, Art of dealing with people, Stress management etc. He has also given consultancy in fields like Marketing, Distribution, Computer, Stores, Food product manufacturing etc.


Can offer Services for following
 Addressing different groups
Sales Supervisor
 DVD on Different subjects for sale
Sales Executive
Literature for sale
Sales Representative
Energy centres opening seminar
Counter Sales Person
 Advance Meditation Course-II
Clerical Job
Basic Learning Seminar
Computer Operator
Aura Viewing Learning Seminar
Hindi Teacher
Bio Energy Healing
Gujarati Teacher
Energy Centres, Energising, Cleaning and Balancing Energy Centres
English Teacher to Asians
Personal tuition on Art of Breathing, Meditation, Basic Learning
 Solving Emotional Problems
Consultancy on Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Social, Spiritual & Sex Related problem
 Teaching of correct Life Style to Remain Healthy at all levels
 Consultancy on Marriage, Divorce and other family problems
Consultancy on coming out of Bad Habits
Part Body and Full Body Cleaning Processes
Yogic Massage
Business Consultancy
 Personal Guidance on Your Physical Problem
Treatment for Stress
Treatment for Depression
Consultancy on Joints Problem
 Back pain