100 - Tips for Good Health

  * Food
01.   Eat your meal on time.
02.   Take healthy breakfast in the morning.
03.   Don’t eat anything between two meals.
04.   Keep kitchen and dining table/place clean.
05.   Don’t worry while eating.
06.   Chew your food properly.
07.   Eat salads (raw vegetables) every time.
08.   Use more green and leafy vegetables.
09.   Eat more of sprouted beans.
10.   Use 10% to 20% Soya flour with wheat flour.
11.   Use different types of grains once a week instead of wheat.
12.   Don’t use old food or fridged food.
13.   Eat seasonal fruits every day.
14.   Eat bit less than your hunger.
15.   Don’t eat in fearfull or stressed mental condition.
16.   Use less salt.
17.   Use less sugar.
18.   Use less pickle.
19.   Eat cardamom, clove or ajvain seed after food.
20.   Don’t see television while eating.
21.   Talk something interesting while eating.
22.   Increase the use of lemon, garlic and ginger in your food.
23.   Don’t use tinned or packed food.
24.   Use brown rice instead of polished rice.
25.   Reduce the use of refined flour.
26.   Don’t use too cold or too hot food or drink.
27.   Reduce the use of fried or spicy food.
28.   Don’t eat non vegeterian food.
29.   Don’t eat fast food regularly.
30.   Don’t take tea or coffee after food.
31.   Do fasting once a week or eat only one time once a week.

  * Drink
32.   Don’t drink water before and after one hour of meal.
33.   Drink 3 to 4 glasses of warm water in the morning.
34.   Don’t make a habit of drinking mineral water.
35.   Don’t drink any hyper drink.
36.   Consume less cold water.
37.   Reduce the use of sweet yogurt (Lassie).
38.   Drink lemon juice with water daily.
39.   Reduce consumption of tea or coffee.
40.   Drink a cup of warm milk at night before sleep.

  * Cleaning of body
41.   Take a bath once a day, if possible take twice a day.
42.   Clean your feet every day with pedicure rock.
43.   Mix a little salt or soda in the morning bath water.
44.   Clean your hair with soap or shampoo regularly.
45.   Clean your teeth every day, twice a day.
46.   Clean your teeth and mouth with water after every meal.
47.   Wipe your body with clean towel after bath.
48.   Clean your nose and ear from inside after having a bath.
49.   Clean your teeth and mouth with salted water everyday.
50.   Keep your stomach - intestine clean.
51.   Never hold nature's call. [urine, toilet sneeze etc]
52.   Always keep the hair on your body, your beard, mustache etc clean.
53.   Reduce the use of talcum powder or makeup.

  * Other cleaning
54.   Allways keep your kitchen, bathroom and toilet clean.
55.   Let maximum sunlight and fresh air enter your home.
56.   Everyday clean your house with phenile or salted water.

  * Clothes
57.   Don’t wear synthetic clothes in hot season.
58.   Don’t wear tight clothes.
59.   Change your socks’ everyday.
60.   Change your inner clothes everyday.
61.   Don’t use used handkerchief used by others.

  * Sleep
62.   Keep time gap of two hours between dinner and sleep.
63.   Sleep at scheduled time. Take minimum sleep of 6 to 8 hours.
64.   Make a habit to get up before sunrise.
65.   Don’t consume tea or coffee before 5 hours of sleep.
66.   Read an intellectual or a good book for 15 minutes before sleep.
67.   Clean your legs, hands, eyes and face with water before sleep.
68.   Don’t cover your face when you sleep.
69.   Keep fresh air ventilation in the bedroom.
70.   Don’t keep air-condition on for the whole night.
71.   Reduce the use of pesticides for mosquitoes.
72.   Wear white and clean clothes at night.
73.   Use soft and thin pillow.
74.   Keep pillow under your leg.
75.   Use white bed sheet.
76.   Take little rest during daytime.
77.   Walk 30 minutes everyday in the fresh air and under open sky.
78.   Exercise or work under sunlight till you get perspiration.
79.   Do not use lift for one or two floors.
80.   Take deep breathing for 5 to 10 minutes.
81.   Play under open sky.

  * Smoking
82.   Stop smoking immediately.
83.   Don’t sit near to a smoking person.
84.   Stop usage of tobacco in any form.

  * Health Check
85.   Check Blood Pressure and diabetes regularly.
86.   Watch your weight. Weigh once a week.
87.   Do Blood test once a year to check cholesterol level.
88.   Check eyes regularly.
89.   Take required injection, dose or vaccination to fight diseases.
90.   Don’t take medicines without consulting doctors.
91.   Unless doctor has specified do not take medicines with empty stomach.
92.   Consult doctors if you observe unusual symptoms.

   * Self control
93.   Do not get excited.
94.   Keep back and neck straight while siting, standing, walking or changing postures.
95.   Speak slow and in sweet voice.
96.   Control over your anger or criticism.
97.   Help anyone anyway.
98.   Keep smiling and be joyful.
99.   Prey god daily.
100. Do not remain free.